Earaches in kids are one of those things where you need a doctor. It is great if it happens early in the morning, and your doctor can see you the same day. However, they usually happen late or on a weekend or holiday. Then you have the choice of the ER or the urgent care center. The insurance copays for the ER are almost always a lot higher for most people. Sprained ankles and a simple fracture are other reasons you need a doctor, and they often involve kids, and they often rarely need the services of an ER.

Those bad colds, the flu, sinus infections, rashes and other things that plague normal childhoods and even adulthoods are other things you need a doctor for. And they are things where you want to be seen ASAP, not tomorrow or next week. This is why our family is established at a local urgent care center. The doctors there know us. Yes, we have children. Four of them to be exact. We do not have a lot of things happening medically, but we do have our share like any other family.

Sure, we have a family doctor who has great hours and is very attentive to our needs. However, there are those things that happen on those weekends, especially the long holiday weekends, and other times when his office is closed. It almost seems inevitable for something to occur when he is on vacation too. So, rather than going to see an associate who manages his patients when he is on vacation, we just go to the urgent care center where there are doctors who already know us. Medical care in this day and age is a team effort. The sharing of information makes it easier for doctors to track what you have been seen for and your health issues. Plus, like most folks, we have the major concern of cost of care too.