I don’t know a whole lot about the video game called Overwatch, but I do know that my niece loves playing it. She has tried to get me interested since I do enjoy some games, but I am more of a solo player rather than a team player. I do enjoy watching her play though, and I could see just how much she was into the game not that long ago when she spent the night at my house. I did a search when she went home for DVA Overwatch logo, because I wanted to see if I could find something related to the game for her birthday that was not that far away.

When I saw the Overwatch shoulder bags, I knew that it was the perfect gift for her. She likes being unique, and this shoulder bag screamed uniqueness. There were two different ones. One is black and has a white bunny face, and the other white and has a pink bunny face. Both have gold chains, and they are actually really cute. I figured she would probably like the black one best since the white would show dirt easier.

I also figured that if she told me that she wanted the white one, I could always surprise her at Christmas with one, if she was still playing the game at that point. I have a feeling she will be, because she has been playing it since it came out, and she has not slowed down at all. There were a few other things that I looked at on this site, and I showed it to my sister too in case she wanted to get her any Overwatch shirts or jewelry. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of her favorite birthdays ever, thanks to this site.