Since I have some free time and money this summer, I’m going to be taking classes in civil engineering. The classes will prepare me for a career as a designer of architecture. To prepare for the classes, I’ve been looking at some civil engineering websites, and the material looks like it won’t be easy to learn. I’ve taken some hard courses in my day, but this looks like something entirely different. Maybe I’m just over thinking everything and the course will be easier to understand once I actually start taking it. It could all be in my mind, but if not, I’m going to need some extra help.

Usually when I encounter a course that I find to be hard, I ask the teacher for help before going into panic mode. The teacher is the root of the understanding of any material, so they’re the first person that should be seen. If after meeting with the teacher I still can’t understand anything, I’ll ask one of the other students in the class for a little help. If they’re stuck trying to understand something, then I’ll ask a tutor for help. If there isn’t a tutor for a particular subject, then I’ll ask around on the Internet, as there is at least one person who has taken a course on the subject.

Between all of the people I can ask about the subject of civil engineering, I think there will be someone who will be able to help me understand the course. I knew when I signed up for the courses that they wouldn’t just be an easy walk in the park, because nothing ever is, especially when it involves math. All of the math related courses that I’ve taken before have required that I put in a little more effort to succeed.