I teach a computing class at a local center. The class isn’t your typical computing class, as the information is much more advanced beyond learning how to type and using the Internet. The class deals with networking and teaching students enough information so they can pass a network certification test. For this class, I use a rack server hooked up to multiple computers for the students to practice. One day the existing server failed, but the hard drives were intact. I looked online for a place to buy rack servers with a minimal amount of shipping time, because I needed them by the next class.

The server broke on a Friday afternoon, so I had to order one quickly and have it in shipping before 5pm or it wouldn’t arrive on time without the use of expedited shipping, which can be pretty expensive, especially with something as large as a rack server. I chose one that was identical to the one that stopped working, and shipped it with business class shipping. They gave me a confirmation and told me that the item would arrive on Monday morning, with was early enough for me to set it up before the students came.

On Monday, the server arrived right on time, and I took it to the computer room. I had already take the hard drives out of the old server and placed them aside to put into the new rack server. Once I got the hard drives in place and had the server set up, I turned everything on to configure the server. The network was up once again, and all of the computers were communicating with each other and the server. The students didn’t even know that something was wrong with the server, that is, until one of them saw the box that the new server was shipped in on that Monday.