It’s funny to think that smoking marijuana was something that was typically something that only young people used to do just 10 years ago. It wasn’t something that you sat around and talked about it work or in mixed company generally. But now it’s legal in many places around the country. I was amused at work when a coworker said that he wondered can you donate blood if you smoke weed or not. This is something that simply wouldn’t have been talked about at work not long ago. However it is always been comment for people talk about alcohol in the workplace. For example our offices and once per month happy hour where many of us in the office get together to go to a local bar for about an hour or so after work.

I have always thought that marijuana should be legal for the simple reason that it causes less problems in life than alcohol does for some people. For example, most people know or have known someone who has become an alcoholic. But there’s no one that can say that they know a person who has become addicted to pot in the same way.

At most, the average person who uses weed will simply find that they might buy more food because of the munchies that it brings about or you might spend a little bit more time being leisurely at home. Fights simply don’t break out due to using it, but the same can’t be said of alcohol. And no one can say drinking can help people with a variety of. You might drink go have a good time or to numb the pain from a recent breakup but alcohol doesn’t help epilepsy or cancer patients with a variety of ailments. I like that people have become smarter over time about this topic.