My TV has started to act up recently. I am still able to use it, but now and again the audio will go out. It always comes back within a second or two, but it was frustrating nonetheless. It is out of warranty, so my only recourse is to either put up with it or buy a new one. Needless to say, I am not going to be putting up with it. Instead, I am going to look for the best Cyber Monday TV deals for 2015. My sister’s best friend is the one who suggested I hang on until then if at all possible.

It is not that far off, so I will be able to put up with this until Cyber Monday rolls around. The reason I am going to wait instead of buying one now is because I can get deep discounts on that day. If it was just a matter of saving a few dollars, I would not even care. However, when the savings can be over one or two hundred dollars, then it does become a bit of a bigger deal. She even told me about a site that I could go to to get some great tips to ensure that I get the best deal possible.

The nice thing about this site is that it is active right now. Even though I have to wait until the end of November to take advantage of the actual savings, this site is up year round so people can start planning well in advance of the biggest day of online sales. It is also nice because I was able to look at some of the deals in the past too, making me kind of aware of what kind of deals might be made available to me this year. I’m actually looking forward to shopping for my new TV now!