I have two best friends in the neighborhood where I grew up. Now that it is time to choose a university to attend after our senior year, my friends and I were hoping to attend the same place. We were all quite adamant about staying close to home. We were not sure if we wanted to commute or have the dorm experience. We were planning on visiting three local campuses when my dad went to http://www.torontolimobus.limo and rented us a limousine for our college tour day. We were going to spend the whole day and evening visiting out three top choices.

We got an early start. We were at the office of the first university by eight in the morning. We had a tour of the campus, and the person selected to give us the tour thought that the limo was a really nice touch. She said that she wished her dad was as thoughtful. I took that as a compliment for me and my dad both. The first place was nice, but they lacked some lab facilities that we would want to have, especially since we were pursuing veterinary medicine. For our bachelor’s we wanted curriculum and facilities to be top notch.

The second university we toured had great science and lab facilities. However, the dorms were awful. At least in our opinions. We said that if we chose to go there, we could all three go in on an apartment together. With jobs on breaks, we probably could keep the place year round until graduation. We got a lot of talking about the two schools done as we were driven in the limo to the third place. People were gawking and wondering if we were celebrities. Some juniors were hitting on us wanting to go out that evening. However, we had an agenda for this trip, and the third school had everything we wanted. Just goes to show you that the brochures never tell the full story.