I was browsing around Ed.TED and came across a video of this gorgeous limo. The video was created by the owner of the company he owns, and he rents these limos out to people who want to ride in style. I’m not even sure how I came across the video, but it was at that moment that I thought about the fact that I’ve never ridden in one. My granddaughter will be getting married soon, and I know that she, her fiance, her parents and his parents will be riding to the wedding in a rented limo. So, I figured that it would be fun to rent one myself. My husband and all of our other children and their kids could ride to and from the wedding in the same way. I just knew it would be fun.

I always thought limos were only for really wealthy people. But they cost very little to rent. The price can easily be less than the cost of a a few days of groceries or even the cost of gifts for your kid. The place where I got one from is so inexpensive that I didn’t feel like I was spending much at all. I didn’t even feel like other family members needed to chip in. It was something that me and their grandfather could easily afford. And we are pretty good about how we spend our money, but we didn’t even have to cut back on anything else because it really is affordable.

I chose a white limousine becasue my granddaughter’s wedding is in the spring and the theme colors that she chose are white and gold. It just seemed like a good idea to get matching vehicle After the event, we had the driver take us on a quick trip up a nearby mountain to look out over the city. We even took pictures while standing next to it.