We have not sent flowers for years as a family. Then one day a beloved elderly neighbor passed away, and we found ourselves looking for a florist who could send sympathy flowers in Melbourne. We did not even know what type or arrangement was best to send. There are so many options for floral funeral arrangements nowadays. Also, different flowers have different meanings, and we wanted to send something that would be received with the understanding that we are saddened for the family’s loss yet celebrate the life of our longtime friend and neighbor too.

This was a neighbor who would bake fresh pies for us and who would come over on the weekend to share dinner with us. We would tend her garden and do minor chores needing done. I took her rubbish out for her for years when she could no longer get around as good as she used to. Her and the kids have shared many a vegemite sandwich together. We were all friends, and she was like a grandmother to all of us. My wife learned how to crochet from her. Sending flowers was the thing you do for funerals, but it seemed like it was not enough to mark such a precious life.

The whole process of sending the flowers and attending the viewings and funeral helped with our grieving. We got to know her children and grandchildren better. They live far away, and they have always been grateful that she had us for neighbors. They even wanted to give us money from her meager estate. We told them to just make sure they sold the house to someone at least half as kind as our neighbor was. The florist that sent sympathy flowers in Melbourne to the funeral home was just a gesture, but a necessary one. We decided to send a live plant, and the family gave it back to us after the funeral. We have it growing in the same container it was sent in, and it has a prominent place among our indoor plants.