I helped one of my uncles do a tear down job of a home that was scheduled to be demolished. He told me that I could take as much scrap as I could carry, because no one else would be using it. I got as much copper metal from the home and put it into a container to take home with me. I knew the copper would be pretty valuable out of all the metal that was in the home, which is why I went for it. I checked the price of scrap copper on my phone and after the tear down was done, I headed over to the metal yard to exchange it all for cash.

I was able to get $400 from the copper I brought in, which was pretty good for a haul from an old home. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do with the money, so I slept on it. I literally put the money underneath my pillow and went to bed on it, hoping to get an idea of how I should spend the money. I wanted the thought of the money to permeate my mind and influence my dreams so I would gain some direction. I had a dream, but unfortunately, I couldn’t remember what I dreamed about after I woke up. That happens to me often and I never think to keep a notepad next to me so I can write down the details of the dream before they go away.

I did some thinking and came up with a couple of ideas. I used some of the money to take my uncle out to lunch, since he was the one that let me get the copper from the home. I also did some clothing shopping and bought a new suit. It was a three piece suit with a vest and it made me look like some kind of movie star.