I’ve been a big science fiction nerd for as long as I can remember. My favorite show is Doctor Who. I’ve loved that show for years. When they introduced the eleventh doctor and he uttered his catch phrase, “Bow ties are cool” I became obsessed with bow ties too. I started my collection with a simple burgundy red one, similar to the one the doctor wears. Next I found my absolute favorite bow tie and it’s made of feathers. Before I found by beautiful blue tie, I didn’t even realize you could get a feather bow tie. I’ve worn it several conventions and I always get compliments on it.

My favorite hobby right now is coming up with new ways to cos-play as the doctor with my bow ties. Of course, I always have to have my trusty suspenders. Sometimes I will wear a checked button down with it and some jeans and combat boots. Other times, I opt for a more feminine take on the doctor’s style with a pinafore dress, and some Mary-Jane shoes. What I like to do with the blue feather bow tie is wear it with neutral colors so it really pops out and gets the spotlight it deserves.

Lately I have been looking for new and interesting bow ties from around the world. I have a really cool one with a galaxy print on it it which I love because I love anything space related. My sister just came back from France with a bow tie with the Eiffel Tower on it, it’s one of my favorites because it was a cherished gift and also because I love France and want to go there some day myself. I have also started to collect more ties made of feathers. I’ve got them in every color now, but my favorite will always be that first blue one.