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Greatly Improved My Golf Game

My Dad decided to look online for the best lob wedge he could find after seeing my disappointment after playing at my latest tournament. I’m on the school golf team and my game isn’t bad, but it could be a lot better. My father, a long time golfer who actually played on the pro circuit for a couple of years when he was a young man, thought I needed a better lob wedge because hazards on the course tend to be my biggest problem. He’s right, of course, but I didn’t see how a new club could radically improve my game.\

I couldn’t have been more wrong. I am quickly learning that there is a huge difference between various clubs. Many players think they lack the skills to master the game because they don’t realize they aren’t using the best clubs they can find. Continue reading

The Perfect Overwatch Gift for My Niece

I don’t know a whole lot about the video game called Overwatch, but I do know that my niece loves playing it. She has tried to get me interested since I do enjoy some games, but I am more of a solo player rather than a team player. I do enjoy watching her play though, and I could see just how much she was into the game not that long ago when she spent the night at my house. I did a search when she went home for DVA Overwatch logo, because I wanted to see if I could find something related to the game for her birthday that was not that far away.

When I saw the Overwatch shoulder bags, I knew that it was the perfect gift for her. She likes being unique, and this shoulder bag screamed uniqueness. There were two different ones. One is black and has a white bunny face, and the other white and has a pink bunny face. Both have gold chains, and they are actually really cute. Continue reading

My Coworker Asked an Interesting Question at Work Recently

It’s funny to think that smoking marijuana was something that was typically something that only young people used to do just 10 years ago. It wasn’t something that you sat around and talked about it work or in mixed company generally. But now it’s legal in many places around the country. I was amused at work when a coworker said that he wondered can you donate blood if you smoke weed or not. This is something that simply wouldn’t have been talked about at work not long ago. However it is always been comment for people talk about alcohol in the workplace. Continue reading

We Finally Reached an Agreement

At the firm where I work, things have become really hectic in the past month. A major company was interested in doing business with us. Everyone was excited because it would mean aw lot of money coming into the firm, which would mean more money for the employees. While celebrations were rampant, there was also a bit of uneasiness, but if things didn’t go through, it would a major waste of an opportunity. We needed a business plan for insurance agency firms to help us succeed, so we reached out to a firm that does this kind of representation.

The firm agreed to help us in our business with the other company. Many people say that too many hands on a task will ruin it, but this is one case where we needed all of the help we could get. Continue reading

What Cream is the Best and Does It Work?

Finding the best intimate bleaching creams online turned out to be easier than I thought. You have to be careful in choosing these creams because the compounds in them can be harmful if you use them too long. Also, let’s face it, you are going to be applying them to one of your most sensitive body parts. You certainly don’t want to order a cream, slather it on, and feel some weird burning sensation down there. Can you imagine having to go to the emergency room and filling out that accident report? I wonder what the insurance company would say?

If I was going to use one of these creams, I wanted it to be the best one around, unquestionably. I didn’t want to see a single negative thing about how it actually works or feels. It had to be just right and it had to be safe. I wanted to make sure I knew what the application instructions involved and exactly how much to apply and for how long. Continue reading

I Had a Great Idea About Doing Something I Had Never Done Before

I was browsing around Ed.TED and came across a video of this gorgeous limo. The video was created by the owner of the company he owns, and he rents these limos out to people who want to ride in style. I’m not even sure how I came across the video, but it was at that moment that I thought about the fact that I’ve never ridden in one. My granddaughter will be getting married soon, and I know that she, her fiance, her parents and his parents will be riding to the wedding in a rented limo. So, I figured that it would be fun to rent one myself. My husband and all of our other children and their kids could ride to and from the wedding in the same way. I just knew it would be fun.

I always thought limos were only for really wealthy people. But they cost very little to rent. The price can easily be less than the cost of a a few days of groceries or even the cost of gifts for your kid. The place where I got one from is so inexpensive that I didn’t feel like I was spending much at all. Continue reading

A Green Plan That Saves Me Money

When it was time for me to choose which energy company was going to supply my home with electricity, it was not a task that I took lightly. I knew that I would more than likely end up entering into an agreement, or a contract, with one of these energy companies for at least one or two years, so I had to make sure that the one that I chose was the right one. My parents have Reliant Energy, but I was not going to automatically sign up with them just because my parents like them.

They have different needs than my own family’s needs when it comes to electricity. My parents have the typical appliances that use electricity, and they do watch about an hour of TV every day. Continue reading

Extra Money from Old Home Copper

I helped one of my uncles do a tear down job of a home that was scheduled to be demolished. He told me that I could take as much scrap as I could carry, because no one else would be using it. I got as much copper metal from the home and put it into a container to take home with me. I knew the copper would be pretty valuable out of all the metal that was in the home, which is why I went for it. I checked the price of scrap copper on my phone and after the tear down was done, I headed over to the metal yard to exchange it all for cash. Continue reading

Why We Got Established at an Urgent Care Center

Earaches in kids are one of those things where you need a doctor. It is great if it happens early in the morning, and your doctor can see you the same day. However, they usually happen late or on a weekend or holiday. Then you have the choice of the ER or the urgent care center. The insurance copays for the ER are almost always a lot higher for most people. Sprained ankles and a simple fracture are other reasons you need a doctor, and they often involve kids, and they often rarely need the services of an ER.

Those bad colds, the flu, sinus infections, rashes and other things that plague normal childhoods and even adulthoods are other things you need a doctor for. And they are things where you want to be seen ASAP, not tomorrow or next week. This is why our family is established at a local urgent care center. The doctors there know us. Continue reading

An Accident with Long Lasting Consequences

I was injured at a school event that I went to for my daughter. The accident was completely avoidable, and the school was definitely negligent in allowing it to happen. I did receive an apology from the superintendent, and the school offered to cover my medical expenses, but that was it. I am not a gold digger, but that was just not good enough for me. I was going to have a permanent injury because of their negligence, and I decided to contact a Sacramento personal injury attorney just to get a professional and legal opinion on if I should drop it or if I had a case. Continue reading

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