When it was time for me to choose which energy company was going to supply my home with electricity, it was not a task that I took lightly. I knew that I would more than likely end up entering into an agreement, or a contract, with one of these energy companies for at least one or two years, so I had to make sure that the one that I chose was the right one. My parents have Reliant Energy, but I was not going to automatically sign up with them just because my parents like them.

They have different needs than my own family’s needs when it comes to electricity. My parents have the typical appliances that use electricity, and they do watch about an hour of TV every day. However, at my house, it seems that my four kids have a dozen things that need to be plugged in every single day. Add my husband to that, and that just makes our consumption grow even more. I wanted to make sure that the company we chose was one that would take all of that into account and not charge me more than I could afford just to power all of their gadgets.

I was able to find a website that gave me the highlights of not only Reliant Energy but other energy providers as well. I was able to read a little on their history as well as what some of them do in the communities they serve. I was mainly interested in price and how green a company is. That is why I was really happy when Reliant turned out to be the best company for my family. They have a green energy plan that is sure to keep our costs low, and it helps the planet a lot too!